HIDA AUTO PARTS Co.,Ltd.自動車を永く乗り続けるために必要な部品を正確に、そしてスピーディーにお届けいたします。


We supply Auto Parts required for routine inspections. We also provide service items, tools, machines, and auto tires directly to repair shops and gas service stations. We are the wholesaler of various Auto Parts.
Auto parts can be complex since the repair service requires many parts to be replaced. The required parts vary based on the Makers and Models. We speedily deliver the best and appropriate Auto Parts to customers from an enormous amount of products selection. We believe that we can support the mobile society by providing the parts speedy so the repair shops and service stations can provide their best service in the federal inspection, routine inspection, and accident repair.


A single automobile has more than 20,000 parts counting every part.
Our mission is to obtain the exact Auto Part that customer needs, and then deliver them in a proper timely manner. To accomplish our mission, every single employee here strive to study the knowledge regarding Auto Parts and to work hard to be the Auto Part Consultants for customers.
We cover the wide range of area, mainly Hida Area in Gifu Pref. for delivery. The Inventory stocks of more than 10,000 Auto Parts and networked logistics in Hida Area will make us be “A Department Store of Auto Parts” that can satisfy the customer’s need with appropriate speed and accuracy.
By achieving our mission of providing the Auto Parts, Tires, Tools and Services, We strive to contribute to the local economy. We also strive to achieve the happiness of our co-workers from moral and material.


We strive to contribute to the
safe auto society as one company.

Taro Kuroda

Taro Kuroda

We at Hida Auto Parts Co., Ltd. have been providing automotive repair parts and services based in the Hida area for over 60 years. We have spent this time taking every chance to improve our business in order to keep our customers driving safely by taking our customers’ perspectives and feedback into consideration.
The automotive industry has been going through drastic changes in recent years and many people are talking about the rise of next-generation automobiles such as electric and hydrogen-powered cars. However, it is important to remember that even as automobiles evolve, the fact that their drivers and passengers are entrusting their lives while on the road will not change. It is our strong desire to continue to contribute to the safety and security of car-based society by providing best quality automotive repair parts and services. Furthermore, we are committed to going above and beyond the status quo and pursuing even deeper knowledge about automotive parts with the aim of honing each of our employees into automotive parts specialists. It is our goal to offer our customers an ever expanding lineup of automotive parts and personalized service that fits their needs.


Company Name HIDA AUTO PARTS Co.,Ltd.
The Head Office 2950-1,Shimo okamoto-cho Takayama-City,Gifu,506-0052,Japan
TEL.&FAX. TEL.0577-32-1702  FAX.0577-34-8232
Sales Office 【Gero Sales Office】
1102 Ogawa Gero-City,Gifu,509-2203,Japan 
【Kamioka Sale Office】
1008-4 Asaura Kamioka-cho Hida-City,506-1162,Japan 
【Shiga Sales Office】
C-102 Jizocho Soko,
41-17 Jizo-cho Hikone-City,Shiga,522-0029,Japan 
President CEO Taro Kuroda
Established 1952.8/25
Paid-in Capital 10,000,000yen
Accounting Period 4/20
Main Banks Toyama First Bank / Hokuriku Bank / Juroku Bank / Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank / Takayama Shinkin Bank / Hida Credit Union / Hida Agricultural cooperative / MUFG Bank, Ltd.
of Business
Auto Parts ・Tools and Machines for Auto Maintenance Re-built Auto Parts・Recycled Auto Parts, Auto Tire Service & Sales Auto Battery and Moter Oil Sales.


1952 Established Hida Auto Parts Co., Ltd. The head office was located in front of Takayama Station.
1967 Moved and build the new head office at the current address. / Opened Kamioka Sales Office
1971 Launch the service of delivering Auto Parts and Auto Items to local gas station.
1975 Open the Tire & Machine Center / Opened Gero Sales Office
1990 Built a new Gero Sales Office at the current address.
1994 Celebrated the 50th anniversary
2005 Built the new main office. / Integrate the Tire & Machine Center to the main office.
2019 Opened Shiga Sales Office



2950-1,Shimo okamoto-cho Takayama-City,Gifu,506-0052,Japan